The sole flag holder

My yog class has been shifted to morning 0715 to 0800 hrs. The ground outside has one old man who comes wearing long khakhi shorts. He belongs to the RSS. He sweeps the ground at seven am. Then puts a flag post on the tripod. There is no flag. He salutes the imaginary flag and says his anthen/ prayers. He stands in attention and puts his palm facing downwards near his chest and says a few things. The voice is now a mere whisper. The body is frail but erect. He is alone doing this routine every single day. No one even bothers to look at him he carries on day after day even during the heavy rains. Sometimes with the downpour and the winds,his flag post falls down ,but he says all his prayers, songs, anthem with an umbrella in his hand. when I see him, I see an era gone by. I feel sad that his comrades are no more with him or may be they are there with him in spirit. Why else would he come day after day to do this ? To keep their memories alive or to keep himself alive with their memories ?
By seven forty five he comes and keeps the flag post in the corner of the yog class.


1140 ki local

So we changed the laptop keyboard and I still did not start writing. I have run out of my favourite excuses that is maids, children, house….All is well.And guess what, I feel low.I am not required to run around. I am not needed to fix things. This sounds like the theory of non existentialism. Hope Nietsche has the heart to forgive me.

Train journeys are interesting if I know my destination is close by. I can never locate the ladies first class so was in the general one. In Mumbai, we call it gents first class.I was the only lady and the guys were talking dime a dozen.We had a South Indian guy asking a student about his studies, he said he is appearing for CET. The Gujju next to him said “Oh haan ! MBA MBa.” The student says sheepishly “This is for medicine. Mr.Gujju said “Aaj kal kissi ko business karna hi nahin hai, saare naukri hi karte hai.” Mr South Indian said “Double degree ke bina kuch nahin hota hai aur jab tak aap padh ke nikalte hai , koi naya jyada hit degree aa jaata hai.You must try nature therapies in BLR.” He explained yoga, organic food, neti and the concept of eating no salt no sugar diet to them. The thin and the fat gujju had never heard something like this. The thin one said “So they must be giving substitutes for salt and sugar eh.” After trying his best, the Mr. SI said “May be you wont understand now, but after four years you may go to do this programme.”
The train had reached Mahim, it was time to get up and start moving towards the gate of the compartment. All three people stay in my mind as I have my evening cuppa caffeine and linger over life, exposure, knowledge, innocence, sharing, listening all in a non judgemental way.