My birthday party

My first real birthday party happenned when I was 23 i think.
we celebrated earlier when i was 7/8 . Dad had got a fairy land cake for me from Calcutta and a car for my brother Parin. I was in a royal blue silk frock, all scrubbed and cleaned for the event. Lot of children and relatives invited and room full of people.later all the black and white memories.
So this birthday at 23 was funny. we had moved into a palace like house called Ganeshalay. It was truly amazing. We had not given a house warming party for some time. I had moved back home after 7 years in mumbai. all So we combined it but called it my birthday party. I was thrilled to bits. Super excited. House was clean and shining. Terrace was washed and lit up. All lights lit up. Caterers arrived. I dressed in a saree. People started flocking in on time or rather early. They wanted to come early and spend time with my Gran before the party began. I got two tables full of gifts. Super exciting. One guy my whole building adored gave me Sherlock Holmes ka pura series fat books. I loved them and loved him but never read the books. This guy had a house which we could see from our balcony. Building was V shaped so all balconies you could see without any encroachment into the privacy.
The guy lived in nepal and benaras and came her occassionally on work or else his servant lived in the flat. When he came all girls in the building called each other up. The vigil at the balconies started, in case he came out. He read India Today and we thought he was so intelligent. He never ever looked at any of us or thought all of us to be a bunch of fools.He never came for the birthday.
My cousin said why are you in a saree. Looks like we have come for engagement party rather than a birthday party. I propmtly went and changed.
Was smiling about all the goodies for days to come.
Thank you family and friends.


2 thoughts on “My birthday party

  1. liked this one a lot.beautifully described.still not a great supporter of birthday celebration.Maybe cos -dont remember celebrating any in a big way, since have been away from folks at home since long.but life is a celebration and we should keep looking for occasions to be together , have fun, and thank God for his kindness.God bless.

  2. Hi Parul,Very well described! I too am super excited about Birthdays n remember to wish promptly.Birthdays are special n i too used to have party every year,We still do but now it,s more of a private affair with just the 4 of us,but the phone calls, sms es and wishes make it so much more special!!I can smell the Mom-made cake with your description!Aahh!:)LoveMalli

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