People s love stories are so different. Each one has so many dimensions to it. I can listen to love stories for hours.I have only one criteria, The love stories just have to have a happy ending. I feel if you loved and did not get that person then your love was not truthful enough or strong . I cant understand all this societal pressure nonsense. We make the society and our mind makes those things we call society pressures. out here, i get to know so many things from the locals. The maids have a wealth of information on the rural love life. If you stay away from in laws in the village , then you have to pay money to the village panchayat. If you marry a guy from a different sub caste, then your parents have to pay money to the panchayat. The only joy is that they only ask for money and there are no so called honour killings.

Some of them just enjoy love stories with a tragic end. Like i loved her and lost her. Or my parents/ his parents wont listen. Or i realised how much i loved her only after she went away. Then lots of them refuse to get over their first love, first kiss, first marriage. No one is forcing us to get stuck in life. Is anyone asking you to remember your first love? No. We want to not enjoy our present. We want to live in the past or future and that too not truthfully. We are such great story tellers. And the best stories we make is about ourselves.

Actually, I am substituting the “we” with “I”. As this is all about me.Worrying about the future and cribbing about the past is my fave past time. What wrongs my MIL did in the last nine years are on the tip of my fingers.I know exactly all the wrongs each of my friends and family have done.Am I even present to what i am doing? What games am I playing? Am I just moving to the side jahan palda bhaari hai. Some times our mother tongue expresses things so beautifully. Do I have the courage to see myself truthfully. Just knowing myself and accepting myself exactly the way I am. A reluctant mom, a harried wife, a good friend, an incorrigible flirt, a great employer, a bad employee, bad accounts keeper, good cook, average house keeper,lazy teacher,good talker, sharp observer, keen learner and not so interested in sports tv, world.
Please give a title to this post> Too much truth makes me unclothed.


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  1. Dear Parul,Millions of trees in the world are accidently planted by squirrels who bury nuts and forget where they hid them. Do good and forget.Lets accept ourselves as we are .Be happy , enjoy.You need courage to pen down such candid thoughts.Take care.LoveMalli.

  2. nek ne nekaur bad ne bad jaana mujhehar kisi ne apne aaine se pehchanaa mujhe.Big truths of is a is a life to enjoy.keep rockingGod bless.Good you are taking time out and sharing your deep thoughts.rgds

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