Love is when children come back from school due to fake cyclone warning.
Love is smiling the whole day without sharing the reason with anyone.
Love is smiling without a reason.
Love is missing someone.
Love is writing an ambigous blog.
Love is getting subtle and charming.
Love is wondering who you are writing for.
Love is doing full vasooli of the internet.
Love is not dialling a number when you are dying to.
Love is not talking when actually that is the only thing you want.
Love is inviting and he refusing.
Love is him asking you to wait.
Love is being impatient.
Love is when you want to share all your college fantasies and stop as it is not appropriate.
Love is being in appropriate for a change.
Love is checking out all guys you had hots for on FB.
Love is when your friends warn you not to be naughty.
Love is watching the day break.
Love is when he says when he saw you first you were in a cream saree with green border .
Love is not knowing which school or college he went to.
Love is not knowing where he travels or has travelled to .
Love is just trusting.
Love is not making meanings out of anything.
Love is when he is concerned about your common cold.
Love is when you open the door in your old night shirt and he still likes it.
Love is wearing his fave nightie.
Love is cooking a bad meal and him just eating.
Love is ordering out.
Love is just not talking.
Love is being married.
Love is behaving like a teen.
Love is shampooing your hair.
Love is some one offering a hair massage.
Love is all my mills and boons.
Love is just letting be.
Love is thinking of all the men who line maroed you.
Love is avoiding all the men you flirted with.
Love is watching ranbir in ajab prem ki .
Love is your child singing Tera ho raha hoon with open arms and eyes closed.
Love is crying for no reason.
Love is watching the dawn break alone.
Love is bribing your children with chocolates.
Love is not wanting anyone home.
Love is wanting the house to myself.
Love is him having hots for you.
Love is both of you being married not to each other.
Love is being truthful.
Love is hiding your feelings.
Love is ignoring in a group.
Love is calling to check how you are.
Love is decorating my house with flowers.
Love is wanting to share a bottle of wine.
Love is hating liquors.
Love is knowing to drink only beer.
Love is being a student.
Love is being a teacher.
Love is when you dont care who is the boss.
Love is going to buy veggies together.
Love is being awake.
Love is feeling alive.
Love is just being.


3 thoughts on “Love

  1. Hi Parul,love is never tire of being together. love is also to argue with each other. love is to be possesive and protective about each other. love is also to enjoy sharing from a same plate. love is to enjoy the things your love loves even if it means resisting your needs. Love is being in love with everything around. Love is smiling n dreaming forever n ever. Love is hugging your kids.Love is also helping someone. love is following your friends bloglovely stuff. Thanks you wrote again.loveMalli

  2. Dear Parul,Love is accepting each other as they are.Love is giving.Love is no expectationsLove is the smile of a kid, a friends hug,lovers embraceLove is beyond words.Love makes impossible possible.Without love the world would end.We love so we liveGod loves those who love.Loved this blogpost on love.take care.regards

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