Ganpati Bappa Morya

Ganpati is beautiful. We are all celebrating here. This is the festival which keeps Mumbai from collapsing and helps it stand up in face of all adversities. People visitng is a joy especially when there is great support provided by family and friends and household help. Good food. Beautiful orchids for Ganpati. Now they beautify my house and a few friends too. Purple the colour of transformation too. Ganpati Murti was bought from our traditional murti wala inspite of checking another place. With our Murti walla you cannot choose idols. This is the fifth year we have been taking the idol from him. He gets only one for you and you take that. Our idol came to his shop on saturday evening. We take the one made with Shaadu or mud. No more POP idols for us. Though the First year of our ganpati , we had POP idol and thermocol decorations. My brother made me aware of using eco friendly stuff. The food snacks all was home made this time courtesy Mom s cook who came from Dhanbad for our Ganpati.Serving our guests was a joy. Hubby did a super job despite a strained shoulder and upper back.
Matunga is bustling at this time. Matunga central is the only place where the Pandals are open to public, no curtain calls for Ganesha. One Pandal is managed by south Indian priests , so the Ganesha has three white tilaks horizontal lines on his forehead. Mom is a keen observer of the idols. Ranjit the cook collected prasad from each pandal for his children. I felt bad about how I studioisly avoid the prasad every where. Ranjit s was devotion in such a simple form. How about simplifying myself???



Ganpati is here.
Hi all. Sorry for the long leave of absence from writing.
Mumbai is most beautiful during this time. So festive so united. Dadar market was buzzing on sunday afternoon and no one was wearing masks.Why does the press make such a big issue of things. Life is going on and pretty well for Mumbai. I have become such a Mumbaikar. Everything about this city pleases me and i have an innate fear of Delhi.
I realised i had become very self righteous. Totally judgemental about people and the way they lead their lives.
house has been cleaned and washed.In this process I Have also cleaned the closets of my mind. I welcome the new me and the new world which I can see now. I always tell Jaideep that the sun changes when ganpati is approaching. The same light is back from navratri to Diwali morning. Come Padwa and then the sun s direction changes. Support for Ganpati has come from all my loved ones.Thank God for wonderful family and friends. I am eternally grateful.
All friends family visit from far and wide. It is a happy joyful occasion. Am experiencing and ongoingly creating love and abundance in life. Thank you life.